Friday, February 26, 2010

Bat Flower Time

Its Bat Flower time...well has been for a while. I have 4 of them out at the moment.

They are such amazing creations I often sit in wonderment at the shapes and colors..not to mention the incredible energy I feel from them.

I watch the cycle of them as the slowly unfold at first a blackish pod and then the little whiskers start to push through. The end result is 2 large petals with spear shaped seed pods with long white whiskers trailing down. REMARKABLE.

As the pods open the white petals at the top close over at times usually an
at night or if there is too much sun to protect the seeds. A mother protecting her young.

This flower has a strong feminine energy and I haven't quite listened hard enough to get its true properties yet but I have a very strong indication that this flower is strong and a potent medicine for the healing of the masculine and feminine within us all and great for relationships of all types in times of stress.

For those who have never seen one I will post a pic and then one that I have created from that.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 HAS BEEN HUGE! and its not even March yet

It seems like everything is on hold right beloved Schniddy has not long left with me...a matter of days infact and it breaks my heart to think about waking up in the morning and he wont be here. So I sit on the couch outside with my cup of tea cuddled up with him and enjoy his little furry body that has always been such a comfort through hard times.

Im slowly packing up my house of 8 years...its time to move on. Im not a big fan of moving......I am such a homebody but perhaps its the time for new beginnings.

I am hoping to get back to my work very soon.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh Dear!

I was told when I started to blog its good to get some friends who also blog and subscribe to their site. Anyway I went looking and I have to say that there are some very strange people out there.....and ........ 'here I sit in my little Northern Rivers bubble'.
I think from working at home and being a little bit of a hermit for the past several years I have been sheltered from the wide wild world and I have forgotten how many types of humans there are and hey! I guess I can seem pretty strange myself at times.

Anyway to the task at hand I think Im going to start with HERKIMER DIAMONDS I will post the image when I feel its ready for viewing. I am hoping to get this project over the line in about 6 months...its pretty intense work but I love the intensity. Diving into the Mineral Kingdom is such a wonderful place to be, I reckon at these times we need all the help we can get and the ancient codes that crystals carry are so beneficial to our understanding of ourselves, the natural world and the metaphysical.

I think that I will post the Ascended Masters and Angels cards too. For today I will post an image for the blessings of 2010.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


my first entry

This is my first post so if there is anyone out there who reads this I hope you can bear with me whilst I learn this blogging thingy.

I am just about to embark upon my new project Crystal Spirits Too....because Crystal Spirits my first Oracle was such an amazing journey I thought I would like to share this with the world. I am posting a picture of Agate one of the cards from the first deck so you can have a glimpse of what they look like.

It may be a bit ambitious for my first posting and perhaps a bit long but I have just finished writing an article for a local magazine about Crystals Spirits, so if anyone is interested this will give a bit of an insight into how and why they were created.

I have a feeling I could get used to this blogging quite quickly. Love Gitama

The day the Crystal Spirits revealed themselves to me I got so excited that I did a little jig all around the house and had to make myself a strong cup of tea to calm my beating heart.

For some time I had been experimenting with several photos of crystals I had taken in so many different directions until I came to a simple and intimate image that one could look into the crystal rather than ‘at it’. As I was refining the image a figure appeared, I could hardly believe my eyes and a voice came into my head saying, “this is a crystal spirit and it wants to be seen”.

Some of the spirits popped out as if to say, “Hello, here I am” others needed teasing and coaxing out, some mysterious others humorous and chatty. One thing I learnt very quickly was not to question or judge their appearance, (which I did on several occasions to my undoing).

I wanted to create this Oracle for novices like myself. I have been working with crystals intuitively for many years now and I have always been amazed at the clear guidance I have received from them, for me it was time to go deeper.

What I have learned from the process of this creation has been huge, the information I have received has been sweet, strong, transformative, full of love and even though this Oracle has come through the filter of Gitama I cannot take too much of the credit as all of the guidance was primarily through them.

Its hard for me to talk about Crystals without the Ascended Masters and Angels. As I worked with each crystal their energies would come in so naturally like different notes making a chord or a mixture of fragrances make a unique smell. All my work of the last decade was wonderfully interconnecting.

In the guidebook I have named the Ascended Master and Angel that resonates with each crystal, a small description of the Crystal Spirit (how I see it, as I am very respectful that others will see different things), Daily practises and guided meditations, a couple of questions to ask yourself and guidance for readings.

I have designed Crystal Spirits so it can be used as either an interactive tool, wonderful to use with friends, workshops, group mediations or just at home for self reflection.

I thought when I had finished this project I could take some time off as it was a blessed but intense journey, however, there are more Crystal Spirits that want to reveal themselves so I just about to embark upon Crystal Spirits Too